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Charm Darby: Author of Joyful Soulful Sex, The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex

Charm Darby

Charm Darby was born in Jamaica and emigrated to Canada as a teenager.

She is a divorced single mother with a daughter at univeristy.

As a financial services professional, her first book, published in 1999, was one of the highly popular “for Dummies” series. It was a financial publication, co-authored by John Lawrence Reynolds: RRSPs & RRIFs for Dummies, available on:

Her new book, Joyful, Soulful Sex—The Woman’s Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex, was inspired by a very personal epiphany—a defining moment in her life.

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The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Charm Darby: Being Sexy at 55

Charm Darby sits down with Steve Paikin to explain why women should be confident about their sexuality at any age.

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Charm Darby: Author of Joyfyl Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex: Lifestyle: body Fitness

Charm Darby

Developing a healthy attitude towards creating good health takes a tremendous amount of thought and discipline.

Of course, it’s not easy.

First, you have to decide in your mind who you want to be and what you are prepared to do in order to make the changes required to live the life you imagine.

Because that is what reality is all about thought, action then manifestation.

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A New Book By Charm Darby

Charm's new book is available on amazon! [Hard Copy] [Kindle]

Joyful Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex by Charm Darby: Front Cover

Charm Darby’s Joyful, Soulful Sex is a Caribbean-Canadian antidote to self-repression.

To those who don’t think the physical and metaphysical ever meet, her book will be a dramatic surprise from an author whose warm and capacious heart longs to reach out to everyone.

— John Fraser, author/journalist, Master at Massey College, University of Toronto—

Cover art: Gustav Klimt, Reclining Nude Facing Right, 1912–1913,
Private Collection, Courtesy Neue Galerie, New York, NY

Charm Darby wants to drag women, kicking and screaming, out of the Dark Ages.

Women have been told for the last generation that they are now liberated and have the same rights and freedoms as men. Every woman knows this to be fiction. Charm Darby strips the façade of this illusory conceit as she explains how it really is for women—now and forever. The double standards, the religious oppression, the pressure from society and parents and the self-deceit practiced by the members of the female persuasion—has anything really changed?

Without a hint of shame or guilt so long associated with matters sexual, Charm delves into her own personal sexual history and explains what works for her and what needs to be changed. She reveals the sometimes shocking results of confidential interviews with acquaintances and complete strangers regarding their secret sexual behaviour.

This book represents an act of bold defiance, Charm will be recognized as a brave and fearless woman whose words represent a shot across the bow of conventional sexual thinking.

It’s time, she says, for a new, more modern understanding of sexual relations—and the right of women to their sexual pleasure.

Joyful, Soulful Sex is a book that readers will read with a great sense of personal identification. They will recognize that they are not alone in their fractured upbringing. It will be life-changing for some women who have sought affirmation of their suppressed feelings—women who need this message of hope and direction.

This could have been titled “The Joy of Sex—for Women—and the Men Who Need to Understand Them.”

Joyful, Soulful Sex could become this generation’s The Secret Garden, by Nancy Friday, which legitimized women’s fantasies and taught both sexes that it was normal for women to have rich interior lives. And okay.

Joyful, Soulful Sex is the clarion cry for a new era, when women can enjoy the fruits of their bodies and shuck off the centuries of guilt that religion and society have endowed.

The reader will learn:

• How to live a life of honesty, step-by-step;
• How to avoid joyless sex;
• How to celebrate self-love—masturbation is caring for the self;
• How religion has sabotaged women from ancient days;
• How to love who you are—and change what needs changing;
• How to eliminate guilt and fear in one’s life;
• How to deal with sexual fantasies;
• How to become a good lover—learn what it takes.

Joyful Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex by Charm Darby: Back CoverJoyful, Soulful Sex:

The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex is The Sexiest Book of the 21st Century!

Joyful, Soulful Sex is an honest, humorous, guide to life and loving.

You will find yourself laughing out loud.




The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Charm Darby: Being Sexy at 55

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Charm Darby: Being Sexy at 55