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The reader will learn:

• How to live a life of honesty, step-by-step;
• How to avoid joyless sex;
• How to celebrate self-love—masturbation is caring for the self;
• How religion has sabotaged women from ancient days;
• How to love who you are—and change what needs changing;
• How to eliminate guilt and fear in one’s life;
• How to deal with sexual fantasies;
• How to become a good lover—learn what it takes.

Joyful, Soulful Sex is an honest, humorous, guide to life and loving.

Joyful, Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex is The Sexiest Book of the 21st Century!

You will find yourself laughing out loud.

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About Charm's Lifestyle

Charm Darby: Author of Joyfyl Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex: Lifestyle: body Fitness

Charm Darby

Developing a healthy attitude towards creating good health takes a tremendous amount of thought and discipline.

Of course, it’s not easy.

First, you have to decide in your mind who you want to be and what you are prepared to do in order to make the changes required to live the life you imagine.

Because that is what reality is all about thought, action then manifestation.

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Watch the Interview with Steve Paikin:

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Charm Darby: Being Sexy at 55

Charm Darby sits down with Steve Paikin to explain why women should be confident about their sexuality at any age.

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About the Author: Charm Darby

(Who wants to drag women, kicking and screaming, out of the Dark Ages!)

Charm Darby: Author of Joyfyl Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex - The Sexiest Book of the 21st Century!

Charm Darby was born in Jamaica and emigrated to Canada as a teenager. She is a divorced single mother with a daughter at university.

As a financial services professional, her first book, published in 1999, was one of the highly popular “for Dummies” series. It was a financial publication, co-authored by John Lawrence Reynolds: RRSPs & RRIFs for Dummies, available on:

Her new book, Joyful, Soulful Sex—The Woman’s Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex, was inspired by a very personal epiphany—a defining moment in her life. It is, now available on

Charm Darby is truly a modern woman of the 21st Century.

Not only is she a divorced single mother with a daughter at university, she is a financial planner, an author, poet, painter, political and social activist and a public speaker.

Charm considers herself to be a renaissance woman. At 54, she claims to be a late bloomer. A fitness buff, Charm works on her body as much as she works on her mind and her spirit. She is an avid runner, cyclist and loves to hike. She recently took up down hill skiing and yoga and has a gym membership to maintain her body for life. Charm believes in being a complete person and continues to persue a well balanced lifestyle in mind, body and spirt. Charm's goal is to be a source of inspiration and empowerment to women everywhere

Joyful, Soulful Sex is the clarion cry for a new era, when women can enjoy the fruits of their bodies and shuck off the centuries of guilt that religion and society have endowed.

My Story: Sexual Eclipse

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses.
~Oscar Wilde~

It took me forty-five years to experience the ultimate feeling of sexual satisfaction, a feeling so deliciously incredible that even now I desire only to give no less than one thousand percent of myself to my lover. For it is only in this total giving of self that one can hope to find one’s self in totality. Letting go of yourself allows you to hold on to yourself.

As I mention later in the book, when I turned forty, I met a ninety-two-year-old woman who gave me some valuable advice. She said, “Charm, you are old far longer than you are young. Do not waste your time or energy worrying about what people say or think about you because they do not think highly of themselves, anyway. Enjoy your body and your youth, enjoy your beauty because when you are old you will not even want to look at your pussy—it will be so wrinkled and tired-looking that not even you will want to touch it. So, baby, give life to your life and be gentle with yourself.”
I have taken it to heart.

As a mature woman, at the peak of my most sexual years, I can tell you this—it gets better when you can be honest and accurate in knowing who you are, what you want to give and who you want to be in the expression of your sexual self. I have come to realize that the most loving, the most satisfying, the most liberating, the most joyous and the most exquisite sex can only be experienced when two souls come together, free of all cultural and sexual myths and stereotypes. Divine sex is free from worldly trappings. It is free from the mental constructs we try so vigorously to shackle it with. Mental constructs such as morality that dictate social conventions—pronouncing whether a behavior is deemed to be good or bad, when one should feel shame or guilt—have no place in a thinking adult’s universe.

The sexual act itself is at our mercy; it follows behind us as we drag it through the endless stream of phobias we embrace in our desire to put order into an emotion that is explicitly chaotic. This is an emotion, after all, that strips us of our artificiality and brings us to our knees so that we can eat of the garden of love.

It gives us license to lust with unadulterated openness. We no longer need be afraid to be unselfconscious as we free ourselves collectively from our most ardent fear that our virtue is perfunctory, and we are found out to be not only spiritual beings but sexual beings with an incredible penchant for lust and erotic desire.

In truth, sex—the satisfying kind of sex that we all crave and desire so much—is free from everything that we think matters. Sex, in its highest form, is anti-matter, it is pure energy, pure life seeking a connection with its divine self. The body we are blessed with has its own built-in guidance system. It has its own biological imperative to seek out its grandest expression through our physical form. And when we come across someone to whom we are attracted, it is commonly said that “we are into each other” or “I feel your vibe” or most commonly, “I have the hots.” It is the energy thrashing about, expanding and contracting, pulling and pushing, coming together to form one and separating again to do it all over again.

To have a truly enlightened sexual encounter you have to be willing to explore certain concepts such as awareness, honesty and responsibility.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
~Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)~

Joyful, Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex, is a no-holds-barred examination of what it means to be a sexual modern woman. A sexually-active man is often called “a stud” or a role model, whereas a woman who celebrates her sexuality will be labeled “a slut” or “a whore” or some other disgusting, demeaning term. The gangsta, hip-hop “ho” culture has not helped. Joyful, Soulful Sex is the clarion cry for a new era, when women can enjoy the fruits of their bodies and shuck off the centuries of guilt that religion and society have endowed.
Charm Darby

The book is available!

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Charm Darby: Author of Joyful Soulfu


…come, etheric emotion, become…

Love you, words:

come, etheric emotion, become
nuance, form, express yourself.

Replay O moments of my life:
let there be joy,
let there be tears.

Rejoice O words.
Weep O words.

Love you, colour:

come, etheric realism, become
art, shape, speak now for me.

Sing across these pages.
Ignite the divine in them all.

Nubian Efa

Nubian Efa
you are dark and mysterious
your beauty as fine
as the glorious earth terra

Nubian Efa
your love and compassion
is spirit as light as air

Nubian Efa
Sister of a thousand souls
fill me with wisdom
wonder for all time.


…this Jamaican sky…

It is not a dark night,
but the silhouette of trees
against the drape of this Jamaican Sky,
its luminous moon baked in black-blue,
gives it mystery
the sense of shivering unexpectedness.

This calm is imbued with wondering spirits,
moving about, sporadic, here and there,
waiting for the perfect soul to snatch,
willing and unsuspecting body to invade.

It is not a dark night,
but the mood is mystery, expectancy.
I am knowing, and not knowing,
sure of unreality.

Through the shadows of the trees,
and down the narrows of the alleys,
comes the sound of a broom, sweeping.
It is the watchman, and his shadow,
dragging their feet, listlessly.

Observe these wizard shadows
made in the moon’s eye-light.
expect these shadows to come alive.

They are talking to themselves and answering,
and muttered incantations fill the night.

No mere night watchman,
and his shadow in the dark,
this voice without a face,
this burdened soul,

Dragging its weary body to the dawn.

…look in my eyes…

you and I
are more alike
than different
more together
than apart.

the dreams you aspire to
the fears you cling to

are the very soul
I possess

look in my eyes
see the reflection

look in my eyes



The memory of you
is entrenched in my life.

(the sparkle you brought
the love you inspired, the delight
I felt when you touched me,
left their imprint…)

the memory of you
brings joy to my heart.

(When I think of the times
we have shared, the things
we have done to each other…)

you first aroused in me
this sensuous passion.

(I think of you now, smile, squeeze
myself a little, make believe
its you, embracing me, holding me,
loving me, wanting me…)

I’ll have you, always
to cherish, emulate, enjoy.


…but eagles fly…

For each man
uncharted vistas:

but eagles fly
where it is seldom crowded,

where the few
dare to journey,

skies unknown, propelled
to distant wisdom, deeper perspective.

Where eagles fly
is not for the weakling and fool.

It takes a brave soul to find self
in the cradle of the eagle’s nest.

…wind upon the water turns…

wind upon the water turns
emerald leaves silver, turns
the simple sweet roses.

moon waxing with dawn, turns
from all the night’s twinkle, turns
to the sun rising.

Bird from its flight, turns
the glittering insect, turns
the ugliest worm.

…a candle in the breeze…

A candle
in the breeze
that flickers
for its glow
so does my
love for you
flickers my
heart. For
loving you
is loving me;
two hearts
that beat
as one
defies all
for to be one is to be united
with the Universe, the undivided one.

…temporary …permanent…

I sit in the blazing heat
the sun rays baptize
in luminous rainbow radiances

You manifest

Each moment is complete?
Each sequence is a lesson?
Each chapter a lifetime?

you say life is temporary permanent?


Charm – the painter

Charm Darby: Author of Joyful, Soulful SexCharm was married for 10 years. When her marriage ended in divorce she took off to Germany where friends introduced her to art.

Upon returning to Canada in the summer of 1986, Charm decided to explore her creative side and registered for art classes at the Toronto School of Art. It did not take long for her to fall in love with her true nature.

In no time Charm was expressing her emotions in acrylic, watercolors and sketches. Charm has said that art gives her the opportunity to see herself inside out.

Charm believes that it is important for beings to express the invisible aspects of themselves in order that they can live an authentic existence with love, joy and spiritual integrity.




Painting by Charm Darby Painting by Charm Darby
Painting by Charm Darby

Please note that some of the art
pieces are available for sale.

Painting by Charm Darby Painting by Charm Darby

Charm has more than 20 years of banking and financial management experience.

Her current role is that of a financial advisor and financial planner at one of Canada’s big banks. Charm is committed to helping people become better off financially by helping them to develop a budget that they can live with, a financial plan that they can stick with: while at the same time helping them navigate their way through volatile and unpredictable market conditions and staying the course.

Charm has said that the problem most people are experiencing with their money is not that they don’t make enough of it – it’s just that they have too much debt. Research has shown that most Canadians are spending 150% of their income on debts. With that kind of percentage saving takes a back seat. The reality is most people are working just to finance their lifestyle.

Charm advocates that individuals must also pay Peter while paying Paul. They must save and invest for themselves because no one else will. She encourages her clients to think of retirement in a different way because they have to invest differently, taking on more exposure to volatile capital markets and above all living within their financial means with grace and dignity.

Charm qualified as a Certified Financial Planner in 1997 and is a member of the Canadian Institute of Bankers as well since 1998. Additionally, she has completed a Canadian Life Insurance Course and is a graduate of the Canadian Securities Course.



As a financial services professional, her first book, published in 1999, was one of the highly popular “for Dummies” series.

It was a financial publication, co-authored by John Lawrence Reynolds: RRSPs & RRIFs for Dummies, available on:































Charm is a community activist.

Charm is running for city Councillor, Ward 16, again in 2014!

Elect Charm Darby, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 16!


Connect with Charm on Twitter!Connect with Charm on LinkedIn!



Help Charm win this time! Visit her Campaign website:

Charm Darby: Author, Poet, Painter, Speaker, Political and Social Activist, Financial Planner


In 2006 she ran as a candidate for city council in the Toronto Municipal Election representing Ward 16 – Lawrence-Eglinton riding. Though her bid was unsuccessful she garnered wide spread support from the local media and was able to raise over $24,000.00 to fund her campaign.

Charm has also been an active volunteer in the community playing leadership roles encompassing capacity planning, diversity, mentoring and coaching, facilitation and public speaking, workshop development and marketing. Charm has an innate ability to communicate, build consensus, and rally the diverse groups of people towards a common cause.

Charm has been an active member in the community and has served as a volunteer with a number of organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Housing connection Advisory Council, Avenue Road and Eglinton Community Association and North Toronto Community Centre Advisory Council.

Charm is an advocate for greater political representation for women and is an active member of Equal Voice, a nonprofit committed to bringing more women in Canadian politics.


Charm ran for city council in 2006:

Here are some excepts from Charm Darby's interview,
given to BlogTO

"I decided to run for city council 3 years ago when my daughter who was eleven years at the time noticed the lack of diversity in the provincial election. In my attempt to give her reasons why people might take a pause when considering public life by giving her all the reasons, such as lack of financial resources, no social or polictical connection, language, ethnicity, race, etc. I realized that the biggest barriers we have to face are the ones we create in our mind.

And so I told her that although there are indeed barriers to entry in our world once we overcome and silent that little voice in our head that keeps us locked into mediocrity the rest, the outside barriers can be more easily conquered. Thereafter, I thought I would lead by example not just for my daughter but everyone by showing them that the first place to start is with self."

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Charm's campaign highligts were featured on Toronto Votes 2006

Charm Darby, meanwhile, has been working on her 'city with Charm' campaign for three years and said the main issues of her campaign are: waste management; development and school pools.

"Municipal elections are the most democratic of all three levels of government because civic politics gets you where it hurts" she said in an interview.

"If garbage isn't collected, you'll notice it right away," she said.

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About Becoming a Role Model: "The Real Charm is to Inspire a Dream", an interview on

Of all the names on all the ballots in all the wards in Toronto, it's a good bet Charm Darby's is among the catchiest. Her slogan alone ? "Imagine ... A City With Charm" ? could probably justify her being elected.

And if there's a city council contender who has won even before the votes are counted, well, that would be Charm, too. For the candidacy of the Jamaican-born financial planner has already made a huge impact on the most important constituency in her life ? her daughter Christina.

In 2003, Christina, at the time only 11, took note of the TV advertising for the provincial election then being fought and was struck by the lack of diversity among candidates.

Why was that? she asked her mother. Why were there so few people from backgrounds like her own?

As a parent, Charm Darby recognized a teachable moment. "I said to her, `There are lots of reasons. Finances, lack of social and political connections, apathy, language barriers.'"

As she recalled yesterday in an interview, Darby then explained that everyone could probably find a barrier of some kind or other. But the biggest barriers to be overcome, she said, "are the ones we create in our own minds."

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Public speaking

In 1999-2002 Charm was a weekly guest on CITY TV CP 24 Business show where she offered advice on retirement and investment strategies.

Charm also appeared on TVOntario business show, Your Money.

Charm is available for public speaking engagements to both the private and public sector.

She is a magnificent public speaker her ability to captivate and motivate her audience is a reflection of her spirit and her ability to empathize with each person in a real personal and meaningful way.


The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Charm Darby: Being Sexy at 55

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Charm Darby: Being Sexy at 55