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The reader will learn:

• How to live a life of honesty, step-by-step;
• How to avoid joyless sex;
• How to celebrate self-love—masturbation is caring for the self;
• How religion has sabotaged women from ancient days;
• How to love who you are—and change what needs changing;
• How to eliminate guilt and fear in one’s life;
• How to deal with sexual fantasies;
• How to become a good lover—learn what it takes.

Joyful, Soulful Sex is an honest, humorous, guide to life and loving.

You will find yourself laughing out loud.

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About the Author

Charm Darby: Author of Joyful Soulful Sex, The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex

Charm Darby

Charm Darby was born in Jamaica and emigrated to Canada as a teenager.

She is a divorced single mother with a daughter at university.

As a financial services professional, her first book, published in 1999, was one of the highly popular “for Dummies” series. It was a financial publication, co-authored by John Lawrence Reynolds: RRSPs & RRIFs for Dummies, available on:

Her new book, Joyful, Soulful Sex—The Woman’s Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex, was inspired by a very personal epiphany—a defining moment in her life.

Charm's new book is available!

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The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Charm Darby: Being Sexy at 55

Charm Darby sits down with Steve Paikin to explain why women should be confident about their sexuality at any age.

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About Charm's Lifestyle

Charm Darby: Author of Joyfyl Soulful Sex: The Modern Woman's Guide to Intimacy and Great Sex: Lifestyle: body Fitness

Charm Darby

Developing a healthy attitude towards creating good health takes a tremendous amount of thought and discipline.

Of course, it’s not easy.

First, you have to decide in your mind who you want to be and what you are prepared to do in order to make the changes required to live the life you imagine.

Because that is what reality is all about thought, action then manifestation.

Charm Darby is truly a modern woman of the 21st Century.

Charm is a financial planner, an author, poet, painter, political and social activist and a public speaker.

Charm considers herself to be a renaissance woman. At 54, she claims to be a late bloomer.

A fitness buff, Charm works on her body as much as she works on her mind and her spirit. She is an avid runner, cyclist and loves to hike. She recently took up down hill skiing and yoga and has a gym membership to maintain her body for life.

Charm believes in being a complete person and continues to persue a well balanced lifestyle in mind, body and spirt.

Charm's goal is to be a source of inspiration and empowerment to women everywhere

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Joyful, Soulful Sex: Who is it for?

Tens of millions, that’s how many.

If you're one of them, you should read the book!



From the book: Introduction

Sex is not just about athletics, physical prowess, orgasms or arousal. Sex is about experiencing in material form the divine connection to another Human Being. In my mind the performance of this playful yet powerful energy exchange is the ultimate exaltation of human Spirituality and Sexuality.

I believe everything in life is of a spiritual nature and that every conceivable problem that we face is spiritually-based. Therefore, sex is no different.

S.E.X.—Synergistic Energy Xchange. It is the coming together of energy that travels the universe with the sole purpose of connecting and igniting two beings propelled by the effects of positive attraction.

In a sense, it is like having two circuit boards aligned with all the energy points between the two working in harmony in a contracting and expanding ebb and flow. Each is charged with the samestuff that the other requires to ignite, to go *PUFF.* In the grandest sense it is not unlike the Big Bang, the first spark of life that began the flow of all life.

Most people think of sex as something to endure—to put up with, to perform, a tool to manipulate and control others. Sometimes sex is used to barter with, instead of something joyous to experience and share. And to top it all off, one has to contend with all the stereotypes and cultural myths that only serve to desecrate and undermine this most wonderful, beautiful and delightful joining of the souls in unity.

There is no such thing as good sex or bad sex.

There is only sex that leaves one with a feeling of utter and sheer emptiness and a sense of disconnection from self. Or sex that leaves one with a feeling of exuberant joy, a feeling of liberation, physical, emotional, a sense of oneness with the universe and spiritual satisfaction. The latter experience is what I shall endeavor to share with you with in this eternal moment of now.

It is my desire to show you that in the sexual dance, shame is not a virtue, guilt is not good and there is no honor in fear. Carrying these feelings into the realm of your sexual experience can only prevent you from tapping into what was meant to truly be the time of your life.

Sex is the purest thing we have to share with each other—it has its own vocabulary of feelings and touch. Very seldom does one need to speak when caught in the eye of a sexual storm; touching, looking and feeling are the only form of communication necessary. Then there is the inexorable scream of “Oh—My—God” when the intensity is at its peak and ecstasy leaves your whole body in a state of spiritual frenzy and you feel as if you are being overcome with the holy spirit as your lover accepts your invitation and enters gratefully into your vineyard.

If you are interested in achieving the best that your sex life can create and taking it to a new level, then I propose a new paradigm.

Let us then stop DOING SEX to each other.

Instead, let us begin to decide consciously to give of ourselves in every way.

To be everpresent in mind, body and spirit as we engage the motors of the universe to respond to our own beck and call.

Let us beam up into the eternal flow of orgasmic wonderland.


Joyful, Soulful Sex: Table of Contents

Author’s Note

My Story – Sexual Eclipse

CHAPTER ONE: Awareness

The Sacred and the Physical
Sex for Power and Manipulation
Giving of Yourself Completely
Functional Sex
Awareness in Mind, Body and Spirit
Pleasuring the Self―Masturbation―Not a Dirty Word
A Woman’s Body
Mortifying the Spirit
Infidelity―To Thine Own Partner Be Untrue
Knowing Your Body
Flesh and Spirit
Sexual Oppression
The Sexual Icon
Emotional Sex
Body Wellness and Body Awareness
Understanding Your Emotional and Physical Health


Truth Telling
Tell the Truth about Yourself to Yourself
Tell the Truth about Another to Yourself
Tell the Truth about Yourself to Another
Tell the Truth about Another to that Other
Tell the Truth about Everything to Everyone
Meeting the Ego Representative
Using Sex as a Barometer
Lies―Trivial and Grave

CHAPTER THREE: Responsibility

The Three Tenets of Human Bonding

  1. Take responsibility for your own happiness
  2. Treat each other as friends
  3. Do not take each other for granted

Be, Do, Have
Sexual Responsibility
Modern Times―Modern Diseases
Sexual Violence
Mixed Feelings about Sex
One-Night Stands
More Joy Brings More Joy
A Case in Point
Quickie Sex

CHAPTER FOUR: Relationships

Sexual Relations
Creating a Purposeful Relationship
Relationship Types
Prime Directives of a Relationship
Dealing with Changes
Going into the Deep with a Purpose
Living Single in the City

CHAPTER FIVE: SEX―Get Jiggy with it

Fall of HuMANity
Original Sin
The Death of Our Perfect Body and Spiritual Awareness
The Virgin Birth
Women and Sex
Religion’s Condemnation of Sex
No Virtue in Shame―Time to Unburden Yourself
Dealing with the Shame of Playing with Yourself
Guilt Serves No One
There is no Honor in Fear

CHAPTER SIX: Obstacles to Sexual Pleasure

Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation―Coming Too Bloody Quickly!
Menopausal Women
Defusing the Risk of Pregnancy―The Art of Coitus Interruptus: The Rewards of Pulling Out
Defusing the Risk of Pregnancy―The Rhythm Method

CHAPTER SEVEN: Mommy and Daddy and Sex

Sex while Pregnant
Sex and Parenting


Questions from a Sexual Innocent

  1. How Will I Know if He is the Right Man?
  2. If I Have Sex with Him, Will We Feel the Same Way Afterwards?
  3. Should I Make Him Use a Condom?
  4. If He Goes Down on Me―Must I Return the Favor?
  5. What's the difference between a circumcised cock and one that isn't?
  6. What Happens if I Should Get Pregnant? Will He be Supportive?
  7. What if we have a LDR and he has other women I don't know about?
  8. Will He Still Want Me if He Sees Me Without Make-up?
  9. What if  he has sex with me and no longer wants a relationship with me?
  10. What if―After Sex―I Become Emotionally Attached and Jealous?

Contrast: A Male Adolescent’s Story

CHAPTER NINE: More Burning Questions about Sex

Sex and Aging
Cocksure? Size: Is it a Big Deal? Ha, ha.
A Real Burning Question―Getting Tested

CHAPTER TEN: Getting in the Mood for Love―and Sex

Making the Personality Shift
Too Stressed for Sex?
Sex Toys
Types of Toys

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Sexual Fantasy

Same-Sex Fantasies―Freeing the Children within
Fantasies that No One Dares Talk about
My Blasphemous Fantasy

CHAPTER TWELVE: Sexual Mysticism

Sexual Conscience
Sexually Unselfconscious
Healing the Sexual Divide
Welcoming the Little Boy and Little Girl within You
Sexual Diversity
Holy Communion between Consenting Adults
The Sensuality of Physical Attraction

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Sexual suggestions for Novice and Expert Lovers

How to Become a Good Lover
Arousal―Your Erogenous Zones
The Woman’s Erogenous Zones
The Man’s Zones
The Whole Package
A Dozen Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life